Suggestion: 24 Hour Experimental Build Challenge


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this might be a little tangential, but I enjoy a lot THAC which is the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest. The idea is simple: you animate something for 24 hours and post your video online. Similarly to this I was wondering if we could do something like this on flitetest. We try to find a suitable weekend, at the beginning a theme is posted, and you have 24 hours to build something related to the topic that flies. You post a video of that experience including the actual flight (or spectacular crash). In order to prevent cheating, you get a "mod element" that is something you have to include in your build to make sure you didn't spent time on it beforehand. However the mod element can't be just glued on, it must be somehow structurally integrated

Example: The flying Snowmen
Mod element: blue pop-stickle

We as the builders would have the 24h to make some form of flying snowmen which contains a red pop-stickle. Imagine you put the blue pop-stickle between neck and body as some form of scarf, or whatever, you get the idea.

I am aware that the weather might be somewhat of an issue, so maybe we do the build within the 24 hours, you post an image (or better video) at the end, and then you have another whole week to make the flight happen.

Do you like this idea, or have concerns, comments, questions?

Cheers Arend