Big Bipe Aerobatics Showdown - 2015 Edition


Biplane Guy
Howdy folks. When summer rolls in and the weather gets nice (as it is now) it's the perfect time to hone your flying skills. This also means it's prime time for a contest as the younger members of FT are out of school and nights are long enough to get flights in if you work during the day. This is why I'm holding the first (hopefully) annual Big Bipe Aerobatics Showdown (BBAS for short.)

The goal if this contest is to promote flying skills and to introduce a sense of competition to aerobatics. Something I think we can all do is become a better pilot, regardless of skill level or experience and this is something that I think a competition can promote more diligent and artistic flying.

That said, let's get into the rules of the contest.

1. Builders/pilots will fly a 3-4 minute aerobatics routine/freestyle session
2. Pilots will post a video of their routine which shows the aircraft clearly enough that judges can adequately score the routine
3. Pilots must fly an FT Baby Blender (mods are allowable)
4. Pilots will be judged on how clean they fly the maneuvers and the difficulty of the maneuvers
5. Bonus points are awarded to aircraft with bright "show plane" color schemes (note that you must take a picture of your plane for the appearance points to be awarded)

Registration is open in...





Your registration is done in posts below and will end July 1st.

Videos must be submitted by August 15th to be scored in the contest

Here's a quick example of what a registration looks like.

AkimboGlueGuns (user name)
[aircraft picture]
4 ailerons, modified tail shape. (list of mods)
link to video

Here's an example of what I mean when I say show plane...


In addition to entrants I'll also need judges. You can PM me or post in the thread below if you're interested in that (Willsonman *cough* EarthSciTeach *cough**cough*)

I'll also note that you don't necessarily need to have a Baby Blender done to take part in the contest. You can make your post below to secure your spot before registration ends even if your plane isn't done.

Good luck to all and happy flying!

Update 1:

Here's some beginners aerobatics guides to read/watch if you're so inclined.

FT Aerobatics basics video

Voro RC basic maneuvers tutorial

some good reading on the basic maneuvers can be found here
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Skill Collector
I'm interested... but need to work a Baby Blender into my build and repair schedule... hmm..

Pilot: Rockyboy
Aircraft: (insert beautiful picture in your mind)
Mods planned: 4 ailerons, undercamber wing tips, dihedral wing, altered tail shape
Video to come


Biplane Guy
Good to see that there's some interest. I'll also be adding some basic maneuver tutorials to the top post for the more beginner flyers.