custom design

  1. Power_Broker

    Custom Arduino Transmitter

    I made an open-source, Arduino-based handheld transmitter. This handheld transmitter can be used in any robotics application that requires user input, but I'll mainly be using it for future custom RC planes. You can find all the files/documentation/software on GitHub. The transmitter includes...
  2. 276006314_1353465378460975_6579128111866828812_n.jpg


    34" slick 360 build custom design and build.
  3. FlyerInStyle

    P.1079 Mighty mini master series style jet.

    here is how my p.1079 chuck glider looked:And from that, I want to make a scaled up puller mighty mini style jet, except there is a twist. with @foamboardflyer 's help, it will become master series. @foamboardflyer is currently starting off the build with scaling up my chuck glider plans, and we...
  4. Vimana89

    Solved Inspiration Poll: What Type of Plane Should I Make Next?

    Going to run this poll for a few days, and see where the interest is. I've got a couple electronics setups that are free to build around, and have been having a bit of an uninspired spell. I may build yet another plane before these results are closed out to keep busy, but I will take them into...
  5. 4DDC4CA1-1202-45F0-A3E8-EE897D405289.jpeg


    My mini Evangel 4500 scratch build
  6. 337290D7-7FB9-4A93-9D36-9B4C3C8C9CD1.jpeg


    My mini Evangel 4500 scratch build
  7. cloudseeder

    <FAILED> I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro)

    I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro). Here’s the deal: I want to connect a new servo and wires to control ailerons (servo arms counter rotating the wires). Wires will have to bend around at least a few pivots before reaching the horn. I will order new foam wing and cut ailerons...
  8. Air-headed Aviator

    C.8 Swoosh Mk II

    Hello Flite Test Community, I'm excited to share to you a prototype of mine, the C.8 Swoosh Mk II The C.8 is the second version (technically third) of my original scratch build of the same name. I've used the basic Flite Test build techniques to construct the fuselage and tail surfaces, while a...