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I made an open-source, Arduino-based handheld transmitter. This handheld transmitter can be used in any robotics application that requires user input, but I'll mainly be using it for future custom RC planes. You can find all the files/documentation/software on GitHub. The transmitter includes the following features:
In terms of software examples, there is a sketch for testing basic functionality of the various features here. Additionally, there is a much more complex sketch with advanced software and configuration features here.

Also, the case is 3D printed (ABS or ASA filament preferred). The 3D parts can be found here, but if you want to remix any of the pieces, you can use a copy of the original Blend file.

Lastly, the PCBs can be made using the gerber files found here.











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Looking good.
Will this work with a 4 in 1 module? Work with regular Rx's?


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Looking good.
Will this work with a 4 in 1 module? Work with regular Rx's?


With the proper wiring and software, I believe it's possible to integrate with a 4 in 1. Note that this isn't natively supported and I haven't tested such a setup. Maybe one day I'll look into this (it is a good idea!!), but for now the transmitter is meant to be a sandbox device for developers developing custom RC projects who are interested in playing around with their own custom modifications/software.

Edit with a little more explanation: In theory, you can attach any radio you want to this device since I've broken out multiple UART ports, an I2C port, and technically you can get SPI port access if you don't solder the NRF24L01+ directly into the PCB. Any radio should be compatible with at least one of these interfaces/ports - it's all about how much effort you want to put into the wiring/software.
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