Two-Page Dusty Glider


I just finished building this tiny 10" wingspan glider design based heavily on the FT scratch builds.

-Print out the two letter-size drawings attached.
-Cut and glue the profiles to some dollar-store foam
-Carefully cut the foam following the printed profiles
-Form the airfoil using the method from the old speedster build
-Assemble and glue a quarter in the nose for balance (adjust weight as needed)

This is an experimental design that I sketched up for one of the kids my wife babysits. There are definitely improvements to be made so feel free to make adjustments. View attachment Dusty Glider pg2.pdf View attachment Dusty Glider Pg1.pdf


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As i understand , you made hand launching glider, didn't you? amazing plane for children, but my suggestion : if you make nose and wings strong enough (for example add plywood to each side of nose ) you can add a little pice of bbq stick and launch this plane from rubber band.
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Having few minutes to spare, some not-so-scrap materials and two kids desperately wanting to destroy SOMETHING, I decided to give it a try. Since I don't have access to DTFB (and quarters, to be precise), I decided to combine FT building techniques with those described by Here's the result:



I have to admit, this little toy flies quite nice. What I've used to build this beauty is 3mm depron, regular printer paper, 3M 77 spray adhesive, metal washers (two of them, one on each side) and a tiny bit of hot glue (I actually borrowed 5mm "artistic" glue gun from my girlfriend; mine was too large for the task).

My son really enjoys playing with it. Not neccesarily throwing, but we'll get to that. Knowing that this design actually works, I'm planning to scale it up a bit. I still have some 6mm depron left-overs lying around...


Black_Coffee: Thanks for your comment! Yes, the original design is a hand launch glider but I would love to see a rubber-band launch version!

Bayboos: Great improvisation with the washers! Your picture with the Leggo flight crew is fantastic. Glad to hear you had a couple successful tosses.



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Hello friends. Made to play with my nephews and made the greatest success. Congratulations to the author of the project. very good


I had built a few of these gliders for my boys last year and they loved them. This weekend is my oldest's birthday and he asked if I could build enough of them to have a plane race with his friends. So I give you the Dusty squadron.




This is a great little build, it kind of looks like the thing you would find in a kids book where you can pop out the foam pieces and made a 3d glider.