1. Pops17

    Building a FT 22

    This is my first build other than an ez build. I bought a FT 22 MKR2 and the FT Power pack B Radial v.2. I'm looking for the best receiver for it. I have a Spektrum DXE I also have a Eachine i6 (I think this is the same as a Fly Sky) are these compatible?
  2. alejo048814


  3. D

    How to use a DXE with Freerider

    So I have Smartpropoplus installed and it's sort of seeing input from the DXE when have it plugged into my computer and so is Freerider but Freerider sees the right joystick as the left and vice-versa. I'm just wondering if this cable...
  4. F

    4 - Brand new DXE remote in box unopened . $120 for all four

    I am selling 4 unopened brand new dxe remotes. This is a great beginner remote and sells for $60 a piece. I am selling all 4 for $120, free shipping in the USA. If you are interested in buying just one, two, or three, I can work out a deal for that as well. These are leftover from a drone...
  5. PixelDani

    Help! BeeBrain V2 + Spektrum DxE

    Hello FliteTest Community, i have big problems in programming my transmitter or the FC: DXE: Newest Software update and new model with reversed aileron and rudder channel (in Betaflight i have the right output = the drone moves in the right direction) BeeBrain V2: Newest Betaflight (apple...
  6. JimCR120

    Which Transmitter You Should Buy...

    Which transmitter should I buy? That is a question often asked and understandably so. This hobby has historically been cost prohibitive for many and the transmitters alone are a large part of the investment. Therefore, some forum members have assembled the most recommended transmitters...
  7. R

    Dxe transmitter help

    My spectrum Dxe transmitter is acting strange. When I turn it on, the spectrum logo light turns red instead of orange and makes a lower beeping than the normal sound when it turns on. I can fly with it but the red light and beeping sound continue, more and more frequently. Has this happened to...
  8. J

    Tiny Trainer With No Thrust

    I recently finished building my first Flite Test airplane. I built the Tiny Trainer from their "Getting Started" package deal. This package deal comes with an Emax 1806 motor, Emax Bl Heli 12amp ESC, a 2 cell lipo battery, and a Spektrum DXe transmitter. I attempted a maiden flight today but had...