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edf build

  1. Geniuslike

    Twin EDF Concept aka the "Thunderjet"

    So my first introduction to RC airplanes many, many years ago was the so called "Thunderjet" by Silverlit. (Those not familiar, most silverlit airplanes are two channel, twin engined, thurst vectoring toys with brushed motors) It provided me many hours of fun, and to my surprise, it even flew...
  2. CustomRCMods

    CustomRCMods Concorde Build Project

    Hello All! I am new here but have been on the scene of RC trucks and quads for about 10 years... Just started flying a few months ago, progressed rather quickly, through the FT Fogey, Scout, 22, Arrow, Simple Soarer, Bushwacker, and Edge. I have been working on some custom designs, just hacking...