OG A-10 with twin 70mm EDF (3d Print Mount)


Another weekend, another build. This time we wanted an A-10, but not a prop-driven version. There are a few other EDF mounting solutions that I found, but I didn't like the scale and some were overly complex. I designed my own mount on Fusion 360, printed it on my Bambu P1S out of PETG, and it turned out quite well. The initial maiden resulted in "porpoising" when thrust and up elevator were fighting each other. Because of the amount of thrust, I had to put a carbon spar in the horizontal stab, add a second elevator servo, and ensure the push rods for the elevator were in the "pull" direction for up-elevator deflection (not shown in pictures). I also needed to add 3d printed cheater vents on each side of the fuselage to cool the ESCs (also not shown in pic). The subsequent flights have proven to be awesome! All up weight with 6s 5000mah battery is 2250g and we are getting a static thrust of >5200g! Cruising can be accomplished with only 25% throttle and it has unlimited climb. It also sounds great.

I uploaded my 3d print design to Bambu Makerworld:



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