Vippen 70mm EDF


After the last FT Viggen had a spectacular demise, I decided I wanted a different EDF sport jet similar to the FMS Viper. I like the Viggen’s simplicity, so I used it as the base model sized up 125%. I combined many of the Viggen’s parts and modeled the control surfaces after the FMS Viper, hence the name, Vippen. I scratch built the main wing and horizontal stab FT master series style. The tip of the wing is 5 inches back from the air intakes and the motor is mounted 5 inches aft of the wing trailing edge. The motor is mounted forward of the FT marked lines identified on the template. Because of this I had to measure and cut custom formers for the motor mount. I was too cheap to go buy more tag board, so I ended up with a purple thrust tube. It’s powered by a 70 mm EDF and 6s. All up weight is 1745g with static thrust test coming in at 2700g. Length is 47” and wingspan is 48”. Wing loading calculated at 21.8 oz/ft2. Wish me luck with good weather and a safe maiden tomorrow.


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