X-23 Xenos concept design. What do y’all think?

Should flight test work on a design for this as a kit? After some tweaking of course.

  • Needs some work, I’ll comment my criticism and ideas for it

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Caleb C. Reece

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Any creative criticism to help make this dream become a reality?


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It looks like a cool design. If you're interested in trying to make one out of foam board yourself, there are a ton of tutorials on how to use SketchUp or other software to create plans if you search for them on Google or YouTube and if it flew well (or even just ok), you'd probably have people interested in building one themselves.

You might have some stability problems with the forward swept wing that far forward on the fuselage. Typically, your CG needs to be forward of the 25% MAC point (1/4 the width of the wing from front to back averaged over the full length of the wing). Especially with the twin EDFs so far back, there would need to be a ton of weight in the nose. With the large tail surfaces and long pylons for the engines, you might have a bit more room to play with and still have the necessary static margin, so a good way to evaluate stability would be to make a foam board chuck glider. The front view and top view don't quite agree on pylon length, but if the top view is correct, you'd be much better off. As a final note on stability, you might consider adding some dihedral to your wing. A forward swept wing is inherently unstable in roll and yaw so that needs to be made up for in dihedral or vertical stab sizing. The winglets all the way forward will also hurt yaw stability. Again, something to look for when testing a chuck glider.

On a slightly more technical note, you might also experience some weird aerodynamic interference between the wings, the engine pylons, and the tail, especially if the longer pylons are used. I doubt it will stop the plane from flying, but you might get some unexpected high angle of attack behavior.