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Winter RC Episode

I know you are still enjoying the nice un-winter like weather but could you put together a episode around winter flying. Be it waterproofing / adding skis or floats, choosing a suitable candidate for winter flying etc. Also tips and tricks you have learned along the way to make for a fantastic winter flying experience.

What else along these lines would people like to see?
That would be a good episode to do, especially for us playing in the little bit of snow there is. We have been playing with skis over on this thread..


As far as waterproofing a lot of guys use minwax (I believe the oil based is preferred over water based but I have read it boths ways). Also packing tape has been used and I have had good luck using adhesive contact film that is sold for lining shelves. Also Flite Test has mentioned something about coming out with a waterproof foamboard.

So far The Bad Spad is my favorite winter plane! :)

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