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We send greetings from Europe :)


New member
Hi forum,

just signed in here and wanted to say some words about me/us. In order not to waste to much of your time, I will comment on some basics :)

Matebox in Motion - who we are
in easy words: a bunch of pilots just like you. We're in Germany at the border to Denmark and have plenty fun flying/building our crafts which mostly not are scratch-builds. But the tweaks make them individual ... or maybe special ! :)

What we fly
Having multi rotors and fixed wings makes us flexy in what can be flown on a spot. It just depends upon, what we decide to go for. I love to move my VersaCopter V2 and keep looking the episodes here although I miss the favourite swede (hejsan David).

Our mission
in to words: HAVING FUN! That honestly the only thing we go for. Together we build, adjust and fly on locations while the filmed material often ends up at my desk. These again are cut down to episodes and we are proud to have released more that 62 by now.

So if you are in to get an idea about how a bunch of people go for RC flying, filming and having a blast with it, then be invited to take a look at our channel.

And thats already it- Matebox in a nutshell!

Thanks for your time, we'll be seeing ya'll above the ground :)

// PaiRaN - Matebox in Motion