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Only one episode this week?


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Is there only going to be one episode this week? I understand pumping out 2 episodes every week on the same days is hard but I've looked at facebook, twitter, youtube and the main site and haven't seen anything about there only being one episode this week. Would have to say I'm a little disappointed...
Do you really think the two video episodes a week is a commitment that should be cast in stone?
We all like FliteTest...and yes, it's a disappointment if a video is skipped...but let's look at the bigger picture.

In the old days of FliteTest, the YouTube videos were the major offering.
There really wasn't much else for them to worry about...

But today, there's a whole lot of moving parts to FliteTest...

Now they have a full-blown store where they not only resell product, but manufacture product, fulfill orders, provide customer service, and put out fires(in laser cutters)...it is not an easy job.

Then there's the yearly full-blown FliteFest Event, and the travel commitments and planning that goes into attending other RC events as well as maker events, the efforts to put in place an educational outreach for schools, new product design and introductions(with the concurrent build videos)...not to mention administering a very large and ever changing active website with a store and forum......and I failed to mention the podcasts...

Realize too that not all the FliteTest family are paid employees(at least I assume they aren't).
Many have day jobs, but are contributing their time(the After Hours Podcast comes to mind).
Sometimes they have family commitments that will delay their participation.

So in the realm of today's FliteTest...it's understandable...things pile up...

I don't think they need to be walking on pins and needles during those especially busy times, and worrying about offending people if a video or two falls through the cracks.
I also see no need for them to apologize on facebook, twitter, or any other social media.


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On the YT comments for the versacopter overview video someone asked when the build video would be out and FT responded "Later Today"

So I'm guessing they're just running a little behind and the first versacopter build video will be out anytime now.


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I believe they said in one of the periscopes that because of the release the mondays episode would be delayed and they would have a double wednesday, or something similar. It would be nice if they had a calendar or something informing of releases and such but, they changed their calendar in that periscope to so it seemed pretty fluid. it did show the preliminary release for all the future planes and stuff though :)


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Heh he he he... I'm having to laugh at you Burly, in a nice way. Considering our original introduction.

Good to see you are still here, I haven't been paying as much attention to the forums as I should lately.

As to the OP's question. Yup.

The guys are bringing you very fresh content, and because of that, any glitches in the system can be a bit catastrophic in regards to the video release times. Fortunately it wasn't anything like a fire, or a rabid raccoon.

I'm just glad we got the versacopter episode finally. I was afraid to go back to working the live chat because I knew that would be the one and only question.... "Where's the versacopter episode? You promised it would be out already!"

Yeah... I hid from the chats like a scared little squirrel around Josh Scott and an RC plane with a squirrel sized cockpit.
Hey Flying Monkey...lol......you're right...it's best to keep a low profile....

They better hurry up and post those "promised" videos...

(The natives are getting restless......)

Where is our Video.png

Hurray! They've been posted!


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Lmao, you guys are silly. I was just curious if they were gona post or not and was simply saying that i was disappointed if they wernt gona post the video. Dont you guys enjoy their videos? Wouldnt you be disappointed if they didnt post one?