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New on Flitetest / looking for advice about starting in Europe

Hi everyone,

I wondered if some of you have experience in buying parts for the
swapable series in Europe. I'm from the Netherlands myself.

I never flew an RC plane before. I thought it would be nice to start of with an
FT flyer. I'm mostly trying to get some information about the hobby and I'm
trying to find out how hard it is to build these things if you're not from America.

And a specific question: does anyone know if the ADAMS foam is available in a store in Europe?

Hoping to find some people who have some experience with this.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the help in advance,



Senior Member
Hi RinzoO,


I still have not found any 'dollar tree' like foam around the Netherlands, more like 15EUR ('lot of money') Meta Sequoia (big tree) like foam. Sorry for the lame joke ...

But on the upside: the HobbyKing European warehouse just moved to the Netherlands wich theoretically means: no months of shipping time and no tens of dollars shipping costs for Dutch customers (have to test that yet ...)

If anyone in the Netherlands finds a source of dollar tree (like) foam, please share!!


Junior Member
I don't know about Netherlands, In Israel you can get foam core at most hobby shops for 3-4$ 70cm/100cm, you need 1.5 sheets for the FT flayer. a friend that visited the US got me one of those 3 airplane packs. I use them as templates. the local foam core is heavier & more crush resistant. It fly real nice.
Cant help you with the foam board question but the FT Flyer is a great first choice. Make sure you glue the tail on strait and re-enforce the leading edges with BBQ skewers!
I live in Sweden and usually order from this guy: http://www.stevewebb.co.uk/
He is the only one that will send 20 sheets of foam for a reasonable shipping cost.
Hello Simdor,
Can you tell me how this English foam handles regarding peeling of the paper?
I have found some foam locally but it is a real pain to try to peel a layer of paper off and I am looking for some better material.
Thanks in advance.