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Foamboard in EU (Netherlands)

Hello everyone,

i've been searching for a solution of the lack of foamboard in EU and i've been wanting a great source. I have found one but i don't have any experience with this company, if i buy some of this stuff i'll definitely post my experiences in the comments. for anyone who is interested i'll put the link down here, you can only order 25+ sheets and they are and when you buy this many the price is €2,43 and with shipping to in the Netherlands this comes to a grand total of around €80 for me. hope i could help some people with this post and feel free to give me you recommendations and experiences. by the way i think this is comparable with the stuff Flite test uses.

Link: http://www.vanbeekdesign.nl/p/foamboard-witwit-50x70-5mm-all-white-per-vel/79297/