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ez pack

  1. Scotto

    Plane EZ Dusty 2.3

    This is a fun little plane for all ages I think but it is a little harder to build than most EZ stuff if you do the skins. If you dont want the skins, the first 2 pages (A and B) are all the foam board part. So by just tiling 2 8.5x11 pages together you have everything to build it and you could...
  2. Rasterize

    Skin EZ Intruder and Resistor Skins 2021-10-29

    Remember the Air Hogs Intruder toy airplanes that were sold in the early to mid-2000's? They came in two different colors on two different frequencies so you could fly them in pairs. Want to relive those early (for you) days of RC flight with your kids? Now you can! They are easy to make and fun...
  3. Thorondor

    Help! EZ Pack swappable design?

    I have the overwhelming urge to be able to fly dozens of different EZ Pack models but only buy a single EZ Pack. Rather than destroy my model to salvage the components when I want to build a new airframe, I would really like to have a swappable system that allows me to have multiple airframes...