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Based on the FT Sparrow, but designed for the EZ series:

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Above GIF: My twin flying for the first time

  1. Plans are Tiled 8.5x11", print them at 100% as per the ususal FT style.
  2. PROP NOTE: This plane has the props facing forward, so swap the props and reverse them (ie. put the left from on the right motor, and have the nipple-part facing the front)
  3. The plane can be made with or without the Freighter Pod, that all depends on the builder/pilot.
  4. The plane has different flight characteristics, depending on your tail trim and battery placement. Place the battery more back and don't alter the tail too much, and you'll have a slow, lofty flyer. If you want more speed and aggression, move the battery more forward and add some up elevator to the tail and watch this bird go!
  5. Add the EZ lights in front of the spar on the inside of the wing.
  6. Googly Eyes are optional. But really, they're essential.
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All I can say is that this airplane was a well done!!!! The airfoil made it better then the FT EZ Planes this is a must build for an EZ lover.
Thanks for the review! I'm glad the Sparrow did your bidding!!!