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Were can I suggest a model I'd like to see?

Been enjoying the videos for a while now. I've started a Corsaire and hope to build the DR1 for myself and a Sea Duck for my daughter soon. Also hoping to hot-wire a 1/2 scale Viggen from 2" Polystyrene.

But what I'd really like is an EDF F-117! I found one build here where they started from a pusher-prop design but I don't have the knowledge/skill to figure that out by myself.

I'd love to see a plan done with foam-board like all the other great plans Flite Test has done, but I don't see a category for suggestions? I'm just trying to get the idea to the people here who know how to make the models!


John Gay


Staff member
Hey John!
Actually there is a THREAD that says Show suggestions and viewer requests... ;)
I like your idea and I love to see you building for your and with your kids! Keep up the great work!
Ill let the peeps here at FT HQ know about the suggestion!

Blessings and happy flying sir!

Hi John and Welcome.

An EFD F-117 would be great. That angular body lends it self well to foam board.
It'd be a heck f a lot of folding but it'dd look the goods!
Thanx for the reply!
I didn't know if Show suggestions included just build requests. I have dug around several times through the years for an easy EDF F-117 but most models I find have been push-props.
Now that you've shown me how easy building can be with foam board I'm hooked!


John Gay