1. F

    Help! xm+ receiver not flashing

    hi everyone. ı try to bim my xm+ receiver with my taranis but receiver always has solid red and green lihgts so ı try to flash my receiver but ı always get module not responding error . how can ı fix this problem. ı tried all firmwares for xm+ like lbt or fcc but it didint work. please help me
  2. D

    NEED HELP!! A Noob experimenting with KK 2.1.5 board in FT Explorer!

    First of all, I don't understand anything about the concept of firmware. Like which firmware goes on which board and WHY!?Does it depend upon the aircraft model that you are flying? Do an RC drone and an RC plane use different firmware? What is the difference between a good firmware and the best...
  3. I

    Aosenma CG035 Firmware Reset

    Hello buddies im a big fan of drones and RC planes, yesterday i got my brand new aosenma CG035, but the thing is i had a ton of errors and i tried to manage them to kinda work. Today i updated the firmware of this little bird and i think that this is a big mistake now. now my pc doesnt recognize...
  4. T

    First DIY quad... help me please T^T

    hey all. Here's the info. Quad: Arris 250b (I swapped out the flight chip with a Naze 32 bought from the flite test website because I accidentally fried the...
  5. jhitesma

    dRonin - No longer just for the brave

    Ok, so as many of you here already know I've been helping out (as best I can - mostly by crashing my stuff) with the dRonin project. Well, last night we released our first public stable release: The official website is up at: We're also working on a social media...
  6. D

    New Naze32 Rev 6 failed connection Help

    This is my first Naze32 so it is all new to me. This is a brand new, unsoldered board and I am using a Mac book pro. So far I have downloaded the “Silicon Labs VCP Driver install disk”, applied the “” to the terminal command window and installed the VCP driver. Restarted Mac I...
  7. N

    Can you flash the kk mini with kk2 firmware?

    I have a kk mini and would like to change the firmware to one with a failsafe. I couldn't find any firmware specifically for the kk mini. I am using the hk-t6A transmitter so I have no way of adding a failsafe with the radio Do you know if I can flash the kk2 firmware onto the kk mini, and if...
  8. baddog

    Quanum Nova Firmware Update through Mission Planner

    To All, I am a newbie so I do not know all the correct terms yet so bare with me on this question.... I connected my quanum nova quad to my laptop running mission planner 2. After I connected I received a notice that there was a new stable firmware ArduCopter V3.2 so I updated the firmware...
  9. eXsoR

    Anyone test the KK2.1 Board with 1.14SP1 Lite or Pro Firmware from Steveis.

    I just got my kk2.1 board and have been reading that there is new and improved firmware for it and came a cross Steveis Blog. Steveis has been producing some of his own firmware and thought I ask if anyone has used it and what there thoughts on it for a Beginner and Advance User. Thank you in...
  10. IBeHoey

    Simonk aficionados..

    Until recently, I have only used Plush ESCs equipped with SiLabs chips running BLHeli firmware. Using the BLHeli tool, I'm able to adjust all kinds of parameters (motor timing, PWM frequency, min/max throttle, ect.) but my favorite feature was being able to change motor direction. I really liked...
  11. N

    Tricopter Firmware

    Hey Guys, i want to build a tricopter as soon as possible and i need to know where i can find the newest tricopter firmwares. Could someone post the link to the webpage? Thanks in advance, Nicolas