Tricopter Firmware


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Hey Guys,

i want to build a tricopter as soon as possible
and i need to know where i can find the newest
tricopter firmwares. Could someone post the link
to the webpage?

Thanks in advance,


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Thank you very much.
I already know davids page and sent him an
Email but he unfortounatly he had no time to
Answer my question.
Again Thank you.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Does anyone know about differences of the Multiwii board or the HK KK Board? Because I really wanna get into that material before I purchase anything :D

Which of the two is more stable or which one is just more reliable?


I use shields from Jussi ( and

They work great and do their job.

I also have a shield from flyduino that will go on my T-copter

In total I have 6shields at home right now :D
1 tricopter build is for a client on Azores and 1 Quad is for a client in Sweden

All using Multiwii as it is superior to KK ;)
1 software for many projects - easy to reflash with USB cable