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first post

  1. J

    A couple of questions for the mini guinea

    Hello, (this is my first post so excuse me if I posted this in the wrong place) I have flown a few RC planes before and am considering buying a mini guinea pig kit, however I live in the UK and the import tax would be too high for me.anyways, I found a 2200kv motor on ebay...
  2. H

    Take 2

    Greetings!, When I was in high school, I built my first plane, a Goldberg Eagle 2. My family was not into this hobby but were supportive. I was very passionate about that plane and getting it of the ground. Ultimately, I only flew the plane twice because I was too scared to crash after creating...
  3. Aretaic

    Hello Hello!

    Howdy - Just put together a 4ch FT Simple Cub and spent a rainy evening adjusting gimbals and programming my new QX7 tx. I've watched all the FT videos I can find, so here I am on the forums! I've always wanted to get into RC flight since I was a kid, but was only ever able to peruse the...
  4. R

    Hey YOU! New guy POST :)

    Yep, new guy. I am from SC and have been in military for 20 years. Currently I travel with the military even up to Ohio (Canton - Port Clinton) to participate in shooting competition. I would love to pass by the shop, but aaaaanywho, so have had a few RC cars in the past and its fun but one...
  5. marktbaldridge

    Foam board in snow?

    Greetings everyone! First post. =D I just LOVE the FliteTest show. (As of three weeks ago. :D ) Anyhow, a friend of mine is thinking about building the FT duster. He's just getting into the hobby, and winter is approaching here in Wisconsin. Thus my question is, how well does foam board hold...
  6. Tally Reign

    Need help with my component list (first time scratch builder)

    Sorry if I didn't get this in the correct forum section, I asked so many different questions I couldn't decide where it belonged. TL;DR: 1) My end goal is to scratch build FPV platforms, need help picking components that will be up to that task. 2) My current budget (around $300 US) has to...