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Hey YOU! New guy POST :)

Yep, new guy. I am from SC and have been in military for 20 years. Currently I travel with the military even up to Ohio (Canton - Port Clinton) to participate in shooting competition. I would love to pass by the shop, but aaaaanywho, so have had a few RC cars in the past and its fun but one da, with in last 6 months, came across FliteTest on YouTube. I have actually caught up in all the episodes (as far as I can tell) and even built a scratch plane just to see how easy it was. I don't even have electronics in it yet, just the plane so far. I have flown a few of them already and do ok for a little while but then at the point where I am thinking I got this, then I feel like Josh Scott and down she goes. Anywho, just wanted to post my first post.

If any of you guys from flite test are reading; I would like to know a lot more about LiFE batteries. Here are some questions you can answer for it.
Why are these not more popular if they are so much safer?
If there isn't to much of a difference and person isn't trying to win races, why not use those batteries more?

Demonstration of LiPo and Life batteries in the same plane to show a difference in flight characteristics of plane

I have seen some reviews of them on other channels but 1, they seem like they are trying to sell the batteries instead of the unbiased review of them and 2, I enjoy Josh/Josh commentary more. So how bout it fellas, Battery comparison show?