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A couple of questions for the mini guinea

Hello, (this is my first post so excuse me if I posted this in the wrong place) I have flown a few RC planes before and am considering buying a mini guinea pig kit, however I live in the UK and the import tax would be too high for me.anyways, I found a 2200kv motor on ebay
(https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RC-2200K...ropeller-Kit-For-RC-Airplane-Hot/292119120456) and 6040 props separately. My question is if that will be too fast for the guinea pig and should I mount the prop counter clockwise so to prevent a lot of torque? Also should I use a smaller prop? ( I am using a 1300mah 3s battery)
Well, that motor is by no means undersized! You will have about 2x the power suggested. That's not always bad though. You will have loads of power and enough thrust to probably to vertical and then some! And your cruise will probably be about 1/4 throttle. As for the prop the plans state a 5x3 minimum. So 6040 props should be fine especially with those motors.

Tiled plans here
Full plans here
With the motors being that big on that little plane, you are probably going to have to make each prop spin a different direction. But that also means buying two sets of props. To reverse the motor all you have to do is swap two of the tree wires.


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I think that you'll find those motors too powerful for the Mini Guinea. One on it's own would be more than enough. It's a shame because they're very cheap. I have one in my Simple Scout that will go straight up vertical. I think two of them would be more suited to the full-size Guinea Pig and they're likely to pull the wings off the Mini G.

There aren't so many cheap small motors, but I noticed today that Hobbyking has some on offer. These should be OK with 2S or 3S. One would probably be enough, but at least they're not heavy, so should be fine as long as you don't go full throttle. They have both CW and CCW, so I'd get a matching pair. At 3S, you want a 6x3 prop and a 20A ESC, which are also on offer at the moment. you need to get up to about £40 to get free shipping.

What about the same motor that I posted but with a 5x5? The specs say that 1 engine lifts around 450 grams, so two engines would life about the same as the single engine with a 6x4? If yes would I also need to have cc'ed and CW props?
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You have to think about the weight too. Just the motors and ESCs will weigh about 160g. They'll work, but they might spoil the good points of the Mini Guinea. On the other hand, it could change the MG into a really fun rocket ship, but I wouldn't do that unless you're comfortable flying that sort of thing. What about making a middle-sized Guinea Pig?
I guess so, but I would like to learn how to build it, I'm still not very comfortable building something out of scratch. I guess it could be my second build. also what do you mean my MG? Thanks
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Well I think I'll use the 5x5 setup however I might change the powerpods later to different motors,but last question, with the 5x5 prop will I need CCW and CW props or can they both be CCW? Thanks


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if you want to spin opposite directions (which you do) then yes you will need a CW and CCW prop. looks for drone props, they always come 4 in a pack, 2 set's of each that way you have a spare set.

i have the MG on my short list to build and plan on putting the emax 2205-2300kv on it then adjust the prop size to suit. probably a 5x4x3 spinning in opposite directions with differential thrust.

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I measured the 960kv one on 3S with a 10x4.5 propeller at something like 800g thrust. The 2200kv one should be about the same if you have the right size propeller.