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  1. M

    330 flamewheel with landing gear needs motors and esc's.

    Hey everyone, I need some recommendations for the motors and Esc's to put on my new 330mm flamewheel frame with landing gear. I've only used 2205 2300kv motors in the past on my 220 and 280 quad and they work very well. I just wonder if they would provide enough lift for this model. it seems...
  2. K

    Multi Rotor flipping over in manual mode

    I recently fixed my flame wheel 550 and decided to go back to start and try to do thing right, like learning to fly in manual mode and just practice hovering. So here's what I'm running into, in GPS mode I can't the thing off of the ground pretty easy, but I do have a little bit of drift when...
  3. abelhijazi

    I'm so into RC

    Dear all, I really started to hate myself, I can't stop googling multirotors, rc planes, FPV stuff ... when i hold my phone, I hashtag search #DJI #Drones #multirotors #quads #hquad and whatever My wife started to hate this hobby because it is taking a lot from my time with her .. and I'm...
  4. PunkStar Studios

    KK2 tuning on DJI setup

    HI All. So I am finally getting around to putting my KK2 onto a DJI frame (DJI equipment all around with an added ESC for powering everything up). With default settings the whole thing vibrated violently. Figured PIDs needed to be turned down. There is still a little bit of vibration but it's a...