I'm so into RC


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Dear all,

I really started to hate myself, I can't stop googling multirotors, rc planes, FPV stuff ... when i hold my phone, I hashtag search #DJI #Drones #multirotors #quads #hquad and whatever

My wife started to hate this hobby because it is taking a lot from my time with her .. and I'm trying to make her get into the hobby , but she doesn't want :( maybe if she does, we will do (a husband and a wife fpv flying)

within the last 3 months (which is when i started to get into multirotos, because i was only into rc planes) I tried all kind of multirotos, Hexa - X quads - TBS discovery style (not the one exactly but looks like it) - H quads - the one with 8 motors and holding a zilion worth of cameras and tools ---- and what I liked the most that is suitable to my flying way is QUADS ... I'm sad that I didn't try any Tri copters, but I might purchase the kit from FT and build my own, but not these days

and after all of that , i bought DJI F450 hahahaha , i know it is stupid, but my friend did buy two kits, then he gave me one half price, maybe less than half price ,, so it costed me nothing ,,, DJI motors, Naza V2 GPS, DJI gloassy 1038 props and a landing skid

anyways , these are my questions:

because I liked the H quads stability and the way it flies that is very good for FPV, how do you think I can use the Flamewheel arms , motors , ESC.s and props to create H quad ... (I'm stuck with these arms, motors and ESC.s because my friend has a bunch of them, and I'm not willing to keep them just for spare, I want to use them in different kind of multirotors)

another thing, do you think that if I reduced the weight of the quad... I can put smaller props (like the 8") on the DJI motors while using the 3 cells batteries ( all my batteries are 3 cells, and I'm not willing to get 4 cells because I have more than 20 batteries with different mAh)

is there any change that there is a small tricopter setup, that can handle the weight of FPV gear (even if without the gopro, just a small FatShark Cam)

It is a long post, but I really like being one of FliteTest community, because here in UAE, we don't have all that love to this kind of thing, they all purchase ready to fly kits like phantoms, or even when they fly a flamewheel kit, they make the hobby center build it for them ... so if i want to talk about these stuff, only hobby center owners and employees talk to me about these stuff, and they always try to make a sale to me, that's why i feel happy when i watch FT video, lsn to their Podcast and even get into the forum to read people posts