KK2 tuning on DJI setup

HI All.
So I am finally getting around to putting my KK2 onto a DJI frame (DJI equipment all around with an added ESC for powering everything up).

With default settings the whole thing vibrated violently.
Figured PIDs needed to be turned down.
There is still a little bit of vibration but it's a ton better - however it seems sluggish responding to stick inputs (self leveling is on btw).

Hopefully someone out there has tried this out on DJI equipment, or can simply suggest settings.
On all flight control channels (pitch/yaw/roll) I have these settings set (and pitch and roll are linked together in the KK2 setup)

P Gain 105
P Limit 20
I Gain 50
I Limit 20

The Self Leveling settings are
P Gain 20
P Limit 10
I Gain 0
I Limit 0

The way I have the KK2 board mounted (right inside of the thing) means I have to undo a bunch of screws every time I want to tweak it - so I'm hoping some suggestions here will shave off some of my debug time.

Thanks in advance.