330 flamewheel with landing gear needs motors and esc's.


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Hey everyone, I need some recommendations for the motors and Esc's to put on my new 330mm flamewheel frame with landing gear. I've only used 2205 2300kv motors in the past on my 220 and 280 quad and they work very well. I just wonder if they would provide enough lift for this model. it seems much heavier than the qav 250 style quads ive been using.

So for the actual question, what motors should I use. I was planning on using 8inch props and 30A esc's. I'm really concerned about the motors. it recommends 2212 motors but there aren't many on Amazon, like there are 2205 motors. what is increasing the "22" do, and does it change the screw alignment for my quad? if anyone has any good motors on Amazon that don't break the bank please let me know!

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Stuff for the older larger quads is getting harder to find. BuddyRC has a bunch of the SunnySky motors on clearance. About any 20 to 30 amp ESC would be fine for these motors. I've been using Spedix ESCs with my x2212s on my hex Flamewheel 550. http://www.buddyrc.com/power-system/speed-controller-esc/spedix.html

You should look at these motors for that frame:
X2208 http://www.buddyrc.com/sunnysky-x2208s-2000kv-brushless-motor.html
X2212 http://www.buddyrc.com/sunnysky-x2212-13-980kv-ii.html

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