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Back on the sticks.


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Hi all,
I'm just getting back into flying after a 10 year break. Just bought a Simple Storch and trying to figure out my 9xr after only having flown analog 35 Mhz before. I started off flying SPAD ( simple plastic airplane design) and scratch built all my planes.
I have a lot of questions and hope I can help with others questions too.


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Thanks guys, this hobby never goes away it just rests a while.
So I've posted a thread in a different section but no bites yet. I was asking if it's worth upgrading the firmware on a stock 9XR.
The penny just dropped tonight and I think I have my mixing sorted out.
Pic posted below. The channel no is irrelevant for now, it's the mixes I'm concerned with. Anyone want to comment? Flaps on chnl 5 mixed to three point switch.
Elevator down on offset -3 with flaps at 30% and -4 at 40%.
I was going to Y lead the flaps but I have a spare chnl and might as well mix it to chnl 6 as a copy of chnl 5.
2016-04-04 22.01.50.jpg
2016-04-04 22.00.55.jpg


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Wake up! Time to fly!
I've never tried doing anything with mixing on an airplane. Of course the last time I flew one was on an old 72mhz system that didn't have all the fancy bells n whistles like this. Until like 16 or so months ago when I got my Pitts that has a programmable 2.4ghz radio.

I am assuming that this is channel selection and not the "Mixing" I think about with helicopters where throttle and pitch are tied together with rudder to offset the torque of the motor as it speeds up or slows down?


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Hello everyone. I was asked for help/advice directly by Elowrust via PM, but I thought I'd answer here so more people would be able to read it.

First thing I need to say is that I'm using different radio, with different software. I'm still using Tgy 9X (the "old" one) with stock firmware, so all the options seem to be different than yours. But you can still get as much from it as you can.

Second thing is my wiring: I have both flaps on the same channel via Y-lead, but the ailerons are on separate channels. Having ailerons on separate channels is required to use flaperons, since you will need to add the mixing in the opposite directions. It's not required to have flaps on separate channels though; those are mixed in the same direction.

Third thing: I'm actually not using custom mixes - it's a pain in the very bad place to make it work on the stock 9x. However I do use built-in, dedicated "airbrake" program that is combining four different mixes in one place. The "airbrake" mix is activated in the ID1 position of the 3-way switch only; so I'm limited to one flap position.

The exact setting I use was described in my very first article about the FT Simple Storch. Here's the quote from this article:

The details of my airbrake settings are as follows:

- aileron 1: -35
- aileron 2: 35
- flap: 100
- elevator: -7
- elevator delay: 50

When the airbrake program is activated my flaps move down about 40 degrees, followed by aileron (in fact: flaperon) deflection of roughly 1/4 of it (10 degrees). The elevator is deflected downwards just a tiny bit, less than a thickness of the foam board; but this additional input makes the transition very smooth and allows the plane fly level both before and after flap deployment without touching the throttle or elevator at all.
You can find a picture showing the flap/flaperon deflections in the same article. Note: you can completely disregard elevator settings at this point. It would most likely not work the same way for your airplane, so you will need to figure out your own value and/or direction anyway. As you can see, the aileron mix is the same in value for both of them, but in the opposite direction. It is also way smaller than the flap deflection - this is mostly because using ailerons as flaps significantly decreases the aileron sensitivity. The settings above are obviously "full flap deflection"; it seems that you can use your software superiority to create 3 position flaps - something I can't do, but I believe I don't actually need.

And that's basically it. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask; I'll be more than glad to help.

Good Luck, and Have Fun!


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Thank you for taking the time to reply Bayboos. My 9XR doesn't have preset airbrake mixes and you're right, custom mixes are a royal pain but I'm slowly working it out. I don't see any diagrams online for custom mixing on the 9XR and I would have thought there would be somewhere. The 9XR forum is swamped with spam and is not being moderated at all.
Everyone seems to be using the 'new kid on the block' Taranis or Graupner these days.
Anyway, I will work on and see how I get on with your settings too.
Much appreciated.