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    32" pitts s1s modified
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    more builds to come!

    Get Your FLERKEN Plans!

    You can purchase the FLERKEN PLANS on the FTCA Portal, now! Get 'em while they're hot!
  4. Mid7night

    Plane Folkerts Speed King SK-3 "Jupiter" - FFW2017 Int. Racers Winner v1

    This was my entry into the "FTFF 2017 International Air races: Design-Off". 1/6 scale dimensions: Length: 42" Span: 33.3" Build thread here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/ff2017-int-racers-folkerts-speed-king-sk-3-jupiter.29616/
  5. stingbee

    MPCNC iin the Philippines

    hello guys, i just want to ask advices from all of you on how do you mount , and where did you connect the brushless motor with esc on the mini-rambo 1.3 arduino board? attached herewith is my pics of my mpcnc from V1 Engineering..its very difficult for me to connect all of these...
  6. Dr. Looping Looie

    mighy mini LOOPING LOUIE!

    Do you remember Looping Looie from your childhood? Is a game with a crazy pilot who is out of control ( That really souns like Flite Test:p) and you have to save your farm. So why not rebuild it as a FT mighty mini? Game ad: This box image looks just awesome!: It looks like a mashup of the...
  7. C

    Flite Fest 2014 - Video Coverage by GroundStationTV

    We had a great time out at Flite Fest and excited for next years event! The Flite Test crew and volunteers did a great job to host the event. Here's my coverage of the event:
  8. RedDogRC

    New FT Old Fogey Videos

    Hey guys, My bro and I just put together a couple videos of my old fogey and figured I'd share it with everyone. One of the videos includes some onboard footage using a Mobius. The fogey isn't extremely fast or exciting but I'm still a beginner :). Feel free to respond with links of your own...
  9. L


    Hey Guys, So im not a builder by any means, but I had a really good idea (i think) tonight that i'd love to see some of you more experienced rc plane builders try or even make an episode about this. Using a 2 liter soda bottle as the fuselage, try making a plane out of a 2 liter. You could...
  10. SkySlayer

    My 100th Post!

    Ya i dnt knw why i named it that but i just am sorta excited. I actually posted this so you can talk to people and learn, seriously talk about anything.