1. F

    Bunch of 2212/1000kv and 2200mah 3S - What to build?

    Hi, long time lurker here, but I have the "building bug" and a bunch of electronics left over from an old quad. The reason I am reaching out is: I have been having a heck of time finding plans for that setup. If any one out there has any experience with this please let me know! Thanks to all!
  2. orange_rc_pilot

    180% FT Racer

    I'm thinking of building a 180% FT Racer over Christmas, and I am not quite sure that I'm using the best power setup. My aim is to fly at 70mph (112kph) for fast low passes, but also to be able to fly a gentle 35mph (56kph) for smooth scale flight. I will be using a 50-sized motor, with 2000w...
  3. dannyboy70000

    Tips for getting into the hobby

    Are foamies a good idea? Short answer : YES Long answer: YES but don't make it your pride and joy as you are going to crash it and it is going to break. i made an FT-Flyer as my first plane and they fly really well to begin with but as you fly them and have a few hard landings either on the...
  4. T-Richard

    A few Scratchbuilds that are not my own

    These are my uncle's designs, I am just the happy test pilot. He made chuck gliders out of balsa when i was a kid and since I showed him foamboard rc planes he's come out with a few gems. one is a shuttle that we run on 2 cell, super smooth The canard one is on a 3 cell with a 2200kv motor...
  5. E

    Suggestion: Painting-fomaies tutorial

    Hi there! I have a suggestion for a forthcoming episode: do a foamie-painting tutorial. I noticed your foamies are always excellently painted, so therefore I assume you have some hints which could be useful to share.
  6. Hamdhan


    Hi guys, I have been using cellophane tape for my fomies but it aint doing much good, which tape sticks best on foam? Where can I get it? (any online sites selling it with international shipping?)