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Tips for getting into the hobby

Are foamies a good idea?

Short answer : YES

Long answer: YES but don't make it your pride and joy as you are going to crash it and it is going to break. i made an FT-Flyer as my first plane and they fly really well to begin with but as you fly them and have a few hard landings either on the ground or into fences or trees they start to become more difficult to fly and maneuver. mine did just that, became hard to control and ended up crashing it into the fence causing a big hole to be ripped right thought the wing. My friend Bamax from Bamax RC also made one and his wing fell off mid flight.

i would suggest if you live in the US or have access to Adams readi-board foam for only $1 if you crash it build another one or when your building you first one build a few more for backups, they are so cheap and the power pod design makes it simple to swap out electronics as long as there not stuck at the top of a big 40m tree

although the FT-Flyer is a great plane and very suitable for beginners, some people feel that they would get bored very quickly with an FT-Flyer and for those people i would suggest maybe an FT-Old Fogey as they fly amazingly and your not forced to fly at high speeds even with the heavy Australian foam board or other if you don't have access to the light dollar tree stuff, this video was my friends first foamie and the only plane he had flown before that was a small of the shelf foam glider

For some people planes are the place to start but if you dont have much room or are nervous to spend there hard eared cash on a brand new plane and for these people i might suggest a flight simulator to begin with just to get your skills up and have a bit of experience before going out into the big wide world of RC and purchasing yourself a plane, even if you don't have a transmitter you can use a keyboard or any other input device you have available like a car steering wheel on RCdeskpilot shown in this video

if your considering building a plane but want something smaller DO NOT BUILD A SMALL PLANE FROM LARGE SIZED PLANS, they don't fly well and and are uncontrollable, a rule of thumb is that a big plane will always fly better and more stable than a smaller one, i made an FT-Flyer 75% because i didn't have enough foam board for a full sized one, i would suggest either finding another material to build out of or wait until you have more foam board an build the full sized version.

Props are going to be a big expense in your RC hobby so maybe invest in a prop saver found cheap on Ebay or hobbyking for like $3 for 10 and they work so well, without prop savers you sometimes have great landings and other times not so great landings, here is a video from one of my friends not so great landings but he somehow miraculously crashed without breaking his propeller