ft spitfire

  1. DazDaMan

    "Spit" roasted FB - Part 2!

    So, there seems to be a few folks on the original thread who want to do another group build of FT's venerable OG Spitfire. What do other folks think? Shall we give it another shot?? I missed out the first time around, so definitely up for it.
  2. FoamyDM

    FoamyDM - Buddy Boxing - Let the Family Journey BEGIN!

    What I knew from the Start I have realized with my journey through this Hobby over the last few years, That If I was going to truly engage my 2 sons in this Hobby with me, I would need to find a way to reduce the risk of accidents as they learned. My oldest has a tendency like most pre-teens to...
  3. FT Spitfire

    FT Spitfire

    This is truely one of my all time favorite planes. The plane got it's paint job inspired by the first Spitfire's that were sumgled into Israel sometime during the 1940's. It's a super fun stable plane, making inverted flying just as natural as flying right side up.
  4. F

    Just another new FT Spitfire with some personal modifications

    Hi guys, first of all, this model is the best flying plane I ever tried: precise, gentle, in fact easy to fly, very good slow flight qualities, and ...a terrific look in the sky. Im a flying it with a 2200 mAh battery, Graupner Ultra 2812 1200 kV (Europe), 8x4 propeller (absolutely enough for a...
  5. Spitfire Power Pod

    Spitfire Power Pod

    My Spitfire's guts, including a Matek f411 board for stabilization.
  6. Spitfire with Cat

    Spitfire with Cat

  7. FOGeologist

    FT Spitfire rebuild with new nosecone fairing

    Rebuilding a Spitfire... found the original to be one of the best-flying, most simple, elegant and fun RC planes EVER. Stuck a huge e-Flite motor in it and 4s 1300 mah for crazy vertical and life-affirming powaaa. But have been struggling to deal with the open-nose area. Also not happy with the...
  8. IMG_20180502_184826.jpg


  9. P

    Fried ESC?

    Hey everyone, tl;dr 1. Lost radio signal, plane crashed, servos jittering uncontrollably, ESC very hot. Did my ESC overheat and shut off, taking the Rx with it? 2. Can you recommend any motors that will provide lots of punch for the Versa and Spitfire? Video of servo jitter...
  10. Andre

    60" 43% Increased FliteTest Spitfire

    (Having some issues posting the photos for the build so I'm doing this in sections.) I've only flown the FT Spitfire once before. It was built by my Dad and he wanted me to test it out. Felt nice, slightly more sluggish then the FT Racer but fun. Then the itch to fly something bigger grew...
  11. JamesWhom

    Super detailed Spitfire Build

    So when deciding to build the FT Spitfire, I thought maybe it could do with some extra detaining. I mean don't get me wrong, it looks totally awesome already, and I have seen so many fantastic builds, but I feel like doing things with those few extra elements. I am personally building a 1938...
  12. Imprez

    Swappable Fw 190 - Build thread

    Inspired by 808aerosquadron's P40 and NewZee's Piper Cub I got the idea to try and make my favorite warbird as a swappable too. Ever since I first flew the Focke-Wulf 190 in the online flight sim Warbirds back in the mid 90's it has been my favourite plane. The speed, the fast roll rate, heavy...
  13. knife-edge

    Ft Spitfire removable landing gear suggestions.

    So I just finished my ft spitfire and I LOVE it. But I want a landing gear that I can easily take on and off. Does anyone have any ideas or any creations of their own that they can share? Thanks, Knife-edge
  14. P

    Neebie question about Motor Mount Thrust Angles and the Power Pod

    Noobie question about Motor Mount Thrust Angles and the Power Pod Hi All! I just received my FT spitfire and i am eager to start building it. After i received it, i took a couple of days to study it and came across a couple of potential issues that may be encountered during the build, for which...