1. S

    A fun idea for Operation Christmas Child

    There's an organization called Samaritans Purse, and every year they have an event called "Operation Christmas Child". They send out these small boxes that you can fill with toys, or toiletries, and then they get sent to third world countries for kids in poverty. So I thought of making a small...
  2. H

    Rx, battery, and servo setup - for a noob, please help

    Hi guys, New to the forums and everything but come from the fpv drone world... I had an old, partially built, dlg glider in my attic and decided to build it completely. Everything went fine but I'm stuck a little with the electronics. So with drones, I'm used to there being a pdb that you...
  3. J

    Solved Ft glider

    Hi, just a simple doubt I have, I want to build a Flite test glider, but have trouble deciding if I should build the simple soarer or tiny trainer, bare in mind that the simple soarer for me is a little more complicated to build, I live in the mountain so fly on the slopes and are there any...
  4. bracesport

    thread links - bracesport

    projects Flight Log - my flying log NEW - Simple Soarer - getting back into foamboard Foam Pitcheron - a 1.0m EPP foam Pitcheron for light winds (and teaching my son to fly) Vista v2 (pitcheron) - something slippery Fusion Restoration - an indestructible learners glider Pylon Racer - converting...
  5. Balsa Glider

    Balsa Glider

    Mini balsa glider
  6. Balsa Gliders

    Balsa Gliders

  7. Robyle3

    The revival of a forgotten legend.

    About six months ago now, i was surfing kijiji for any rc planes for sale in my area. I scrolled past about 15 gassers, a few gorgeous balsa gliders (i came SOO close to buying them), and a very tempting offer on a 2000mm electric supercub. But i stopped cold when i chanced upon a used Multiplex...
  8. G


    Hey Flite Test, I am a big fan and absolutely love what you guys are doing, just curious if Josh Bixler is planning on showing how he modified the Dynaflite Bird of Time with a motor? I absolutely love that episode and i can't get enough of it and was planning on rebuilding the same thing. (i...
  9. D

    feather based airfoil

    This design was made back when I was making paper airplanes so I don't know how well that will transition to foam but I dug it out of a storage box and after getting most of the wrinkles and creases out of it, it still flew just fine so the design does work even if it is fidely. Take a look at...
  10. davereap

    Small slope/bank soaring

    How about doing some more slope soaring... Ive seen in a lot of your videos a raised oval track... The banks around the oval are high enough in places to get some slope lift.. my dunes where I sometimes fly are about the same height... so please give it a go.. a small glider like you've already...
  11. T

    Chuck gliders?

    Alright, so Im 14 and am in boy scouts. I am working with my dad to teach the Aviation merit badge. For this we need to build a plane/glider. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some kind of design or something with plans. For budget reasons it needs to be half a sheet of foam board or...
  12. A

    DLG Newb Problem (altitude loss while turning)

    Hello. So recently I purchased my first Discus Launch Glider; a dream flight libelle. After much practice I was finally able to launch it high enough in the air to catch thermals. However, I seem to be encountering a problem when I fly. Even though the Libelle is very nice and floaty, I...
  13. A

    spectrum receiver voltage

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if the spectrum receivers can take a 2 cell lipo battery. Can I plug the lipo directly into the into the reciever or would i have to use a uBEC? This is going to be a sailplane setup so there will be no ESC or motor. I want the setup that produces the best...
  14. A

    Discus Launch Glider Electronics Setup

    I am going to get the Dream Flight Libelle and don't want to use the receiver battery for it because of its 31-gram weight. I assume that I can get a lighter set up (in terms of weight) then that by using a lithium polymer battery and a uBEC. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should...
  15. A

    Good cheap ($100 range) DLGs? and Dream Flight Libelle vs Supermini Topsky DLG

    Hello. So i am just getting into discus launch gliding and have found two affordable rc DLGs: the Dream Flight Libelle and the Supermini Topsky DLG. The reviews for both of them seem good and I'm curious as to which one would be a better choice to buy. I am mainly looking for the best...