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Discus Launch Glider Electronics Setup

I am going to get the Dream Flight Libelle and don't want to use the receiver battery for it because of its 31-gram weight. I assume that I can get a lighter set up (in terms of weight) then that by using a lithium polymer battery and a uBEC. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should set up the Libelle using a lipo- BEC setup? Would a lipo battery and BEC be lighter than the reciever battery? I want the battery to be as light as possible but I also want it to be able to power the glider for least a couple of hours. I also want to use the lightest possible BEC that can still maintain the power flow. Any suggestions? The link for the libelle and the receiver battery are below. Thank you.




propulsion impromptu
just some thoughts, i'm no expert.
- 4s NiMH is 4.8V while 2s1p LiPo with uBEC is 5V
- NiMH is heavier than LiPo on a same capacity (mAh)
- longer flight typically requires bigger capacity battery (even if servo only, no electric propulsion)
some rough comparison, (numbers taken from HK & above ref)
- 30g 300mAh NiMH rx pack vs 30g 500mAh LiPo+ 10g uBEC
- 94g 1500mAh NiMH rx pack vs 75g 1500mAh LiPo +10g uBEC
- and so on and so forth..
there are other factors to consider i'm sure,
and based on length of flying intended, estimated power consumption etc. ,
a rough battery capacity needed could be calculated.

just my 2cts


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Since you provide links to Hyperflight, have you checked their battery recommendations for the Libelle? They have Lipo recommendations. Once of the options even says how long the battery lasts (2s lipo, 300mah, 1.5 hours).

Are you intending to launch once and fly for 2-3 hours without landing? If you are going to land a few times and relaunch then just get 2 batteries.


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With the stock Dreamflight battery you will still need to add weight to the nose.
Trying to save weight on the battery setup isn't necessary.

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