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spectrum receiver voltage

Hi everyone, I was wondering if the spectrum receivers can take a 2 cell lipo battery. Can I plug the lipo directly into the into the reciever or would i have to use a uBEC? This is going to be a sailplane setup so there will be no ESC or motor. I want the setup that produces the best performance. Thank You.
which receiver are you planning to use? the input voltage for the AR610 is 3.5–9.6V most are probably the same but if you give a specfic receiver someone will have the actual voltage allowed. or you can look it up on the horizon site, find your receiver and look up the manual.


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I have been using 2 cell LiPos many years in my slope gliders without any problems.
I use my "indoor" 350-450 mAh batteries.
I have never had any problems with any servo i have tested.