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6061 Tricopter


Crazy flyer/crasher :D

However I think aluminum ( was it made out of aluminum?) or actually any other kind of metal isn´t the optimum material. David explains that in one of his episodes. Wood is much more durable and also absorbs vibration.


Junior Member
Nice but expensive.

I get all my quad parts from home depot...cheap!

Aluminum towel bar rods for arms
4" square or round plastic electric gang covers (Carlon Brand Name) for the body
Screws, washers, lock washers, nuts, etc. for the hardware
Frost King foam door insulation to mount the controller
Misc items.


Never catch a multirotor
Looks very nice but indeed, lie rcjose mentioned : expensive. Like Anas, I also prefer wood over aluminium because wood absorbs vibrations better. Then you dont need those 'bushings isolated booms'. What if you crash? The aluminium booms WILL bend and do they offer spare booms? Again, it look great but for that amount I can build 10+ tricopters myself. Maybe when I dont crash any longer ;-) thanks for the link though!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Exactly, so rather have one tricopter with lots of spare parts like cheap wooden spare arms for the tri then ony one frame which will look much worse after first couple of crashs.
Ya, now that I have really looked at it I might be better off building my own. I will most likely follow David's plans because we
have seen it at work multiple times with the GoPro on flitetest.

Thanks for your inputs. :)