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  1. A

    Tarot 2D Gimbal not levelling

    Hi Guys, After a particularly hard landing (read CRASH), my Tarot 2D no longer levels correctly. Well, it seems to level on start up but watching back the footage during flight it leans to the right causing a sloping horizon. It does a really good job of keeping the camera in one position...
  2. A

    Benefits of Carbon Fibre Props

    Hi All, I've got to the point with my 550 that I feel I'm ready for some carbon fiber props, I've not broke a prop in at least 3 flights! ;). Before I shell out my hard earned money, what are the benefits of using carbon fiber props? Thanks Aran
  3. Hionimi

    So... What was the first ever Radio-Controlled/unmanned Multirotor to fly?

    I've been searching Google for a while, but the way that website sorts info these days is just plain dreadful... :( Applied many filters to filter away certain results like '-3D-', '-solar', '-car', and many more. Google basically tells people who want to search for non-popular stuff to sod...
  4. A

    A new hexacopter configuration?

    Am am thinking about my next multirotor project. And as always, when I want to build something I start by drawing and experimenting in Google Sketchup. I want to build something that is different and stands out from the rest of the multirotors out there. A want a steady and yet manoeuvrable...
  5. sirtoby666

    A new foldable quadcopter made from scratch..

    A new foldable quadcopter made from scratch.. now with drawings I always had problems with the transportation of my quadcopter and this is how i soled it. This is my build step by step... I had som plans for a foldable quadcopter based of David Vindestål tricopter and this was the outcome...
  6. Lubis

    What's the best upgrade for my heavy hexacopter?

    Hi there My hex has gotten I bit fat lately, and now I'm at the position where I will have to upgrade it the be able to lift what I have mounted on the. My question is, in what way should I upgrade it? Right now I have 25amps turnigy plush ESCs, RCTimer 28-30 750kv motors swinging 11x4.7 slow...
  7. Lubis

    What the hell happened? Major crash!

    Here is a segment from my last flight. Mid-flight all the rotors just cut off and I crashed. Does anyone have an idea on what happened. I have a few thoughts myself. I don't think its an ESC issue since all of the motors cut off at the same time and it's not a battery issue because I checked...