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high alpha

  1. L Edge


    Land like this STOL plane? Yes, you can. Take a fighter(I used a F-22), make a strip the length of the wing and make it about 1 1/4" wide and get 3-4 re-enforced pieces shaped so that you can hotglue that to the underside of the wing. The only criteria is the leading edge of the re-enforced...
  2. Vimana89

    Plane V Sliver RET Slender Delta Plans 1.0

    Design by: @Vimana89, Plans by: @Grifflyer Backup Link to Resource: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JP_sKCV5zlaentR8iQQS0EJbMd0irnKC/view --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. L Edge


    Back in 2012, a video blew my mind to see the shorter takeoffs, sharper turns, high alpha approaches and slower landings for fighters. Started to explore how I could duplicate that and ended up with the transmitter mix initially. As time progressed over the years, learn to automate this with...
  4. Dr. Looping Looie

    The Kolibri, a high-alpha pusher delta

    This project is already almost done, so I know already that it was a huge success. First, a big thanks goes to Vimana89 for inspiering me with his slender delta. I wanted something with a wide flight envelope that is also dulable and easy to build and handle. So I combined the delta with an...
  5. Dr. Looping Looie

    Plans for the Kolibri high-alpha flyer

    Ive designed a simple delta airplane that can do high-alpha manouvers like no other! Its one of my most fun planes and also easy to build. the pusher setup keeps the prop safe, and the flight envelope of this thing is just unreal! Heres an early version of the build plans, which is drawn by...
  6. R

    Go crazy in control (fully stabilized SU-37)

    Hi there! I have a project in mind, which may well be some kind of overkill in terms of control surfaces and electronics, maybe even weight... It´s about building a SU-37 with all really build in control surfaces, fully movable of course: canards or even canardons, ailerons, elevator or elevons...