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Land like this STOL plane?

Yes, you can. Take a fighter(I used a F-22), make a strip the length of the wing and make it about 1 1/4" wide and get 3-4 re-enforced pieces shaped so that you can hotglue that to the underside of the wing.
The only criteria is the leading edge of the re-enforced piece will tilt down the inch and a quarter leading edge at an angle between 25 and 30 degrees. Now hot glue the full length and to the 3-4 re-enforced pieces. Now you are done.

You will notice that I will launch airborne and immediately yank back to slow forward speed to get into a steady landing approach like the video does. To save time and see the high alpha approach and short landing, run the video speed at .25 and watch the landings.

I like to explore possibilities and another version of this, I evaluated the leading edge flap angle down controlled by the throttle.
That ended up with some interesting results.
The video shows how it worked where if you fast forward the throttle for takeoff, the L E essentially stays flat. From halfway down to idle, it is deployed down to make a STOL landing.

I now have a working model of STOL takeoff and landing that is automated. Data to follow.

Any questions, glad to help someone that is willing to try it. Will not hurt forward flight.
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Sweet mod! I definitely appreciate the cool factor of this, because the answer to your question is yes. Yes, My V Sliver can do this, and that's part of why I love it. High alpha flying and landing is one of my favorite things to play with so far on my RC adventures. I've messed with a few low aspect planes, such as Nutball derivatives and such that can also do high alpha, but none to the extreme of my slender delta, and none that can turn and maneuver while maintaining high AOA as well as it can.

High alpha stuff starts a bit past the minute mark

This one's got a really nice approach and landing. I draw it out a bit more for fun, but have since done many shorter "flop" landings that are straight from high alpha down. This one actually looks near identical to the full scale one in your clip after watching closer. He sort of draws his out and hugs the ground on high alpha a bit as well.

I made a plane that is naturally good at this, but your mod is very cool and flexible in that it can give a lot of planes a super short landing that would normally struggle a bit. I'd definitely like to try this when I get into more complex builds like cold war and modern fighters and supersonic bombers and things like that that would really benefit.
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