The Kolibri, a high-alpha pusher delta

Dr. Looping Looie

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This project is already almost done, so I know already that it was a huge success.
First, a big thanks goes to Vimana89 for inspiering me with his slender delta.
I wanted something with a wide flight envelope that is also dulable and easy to build and handle. So I combined the delta with an FT-Explorer style fuselage with pusher prop. That way, the prop is very secure, the CG is very much forward and the structure is much stronger than a prop-in-slot design. And guys, that thing was one of the most fun airplanes I ever had! There was no stall, you could put it vertical in the air and pretty much stop! Making high-alpha manouvers is extreamely easy: you pull full elevator and steer with your throttle. More throttle means higher angle. Super easy.
The only downside was that it had a lot of wing rock. I added canards, which increased the stability a little bit.

Version 1

Version 2 has a little different wing, I want to see, how that acts. It has flown already, but in very bad winds. Even my E-Flite Timber was struggeling that day! V2 was easyer to high-alpha, but had even more wing rock. Im going to test it in a little more friendly winds.
Also, one day V1s wings got wet, which caused the foamboard to bend down, which lead to anhedral. Maybe this caused the wing rock to almost disappear? Planes like the harrier also have anhedral, so maybe? I dont know, but V2 has dihedral and very bad wing rock, so maybe?

We´ll see.

Dr. Looping Looie

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The build:
This are all the pieces you need:

First, make two bevel cuts and score cuts, so that you can fold these pieces inwards which will guide more air to your prop

Now, glue the powerpod doublers down

Fold your fuselage with a B-fold



Foldover the paper and Install this piece


Make your battery hatch. Trim it so that fits your build

Glue your wing on and glue the two sides together.

Glue on your canards and vertical stabelizers. Make bevel cuts on the vertical stabs so that they make a V


Now put in your electronics


And youre ready to have fun! CG is 22cm after leading edge of the main wing!