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  2. J

    Looking for parts for High School UAV Club

    First off huge shout out to Julian Waters for all of his help and suggestions for starting a UAV club at my school. Currently we have around 15 members two of which(me and my friend/co-Founder) own RC Aircraft, one versa wing and a custom 250 quad. This, in combination with the simulator that...
  3. T

    Tiny trainer with motor Pod- Will it fly?

    I really liked the idea of the high mount motor used by trainers like the Crash Test Hobbies Albatross. So I put one on a Tiny Trainer with glider nose. pointed slightly to the left. It balanced out ok on the plan CG with the battery and electronics as far forwards as possible. Will it...
  4. Hamdhan

    3000m under $300

    I thought of twisting the 100mph under 100usd to 3000m FPV under 300usd excluding shipping and transmitter price. Modify and discuss :)
  5. Rcplaneguy

    What's YOUR highest altitude??

    Hey all! Just wanted to know, what was you highest altitude you've achieved with your rc model? I don't have any pics or videos, but I've flown my bixler LOS until it was a speck in the sky. I'm guessing it was a thousand feet or so. Feel free to brag and post pictures and videos!:D
  6. Hamdhan

    Some Challenges and other suggestions

    - Have an EDF jet race. Maybe Josh Bixler and Chad or David - Deliver a birthday gift to a friend on a quadcopter/tricopter - Review an EDF from HobbyKing perhaps and maybe put it on a plane and blast away! - Scratch build a plane and take it as high as possible and get photos from...up there of...