Tiny trainer with motor Pod- Will it fly?


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I really liked the idea of the high mount motor used by trainers like the Crash Test Hobbies Albatross. So I put one on a Tiny Trainer with glider nose. pointed slightly to the left. It balanced out ok on the plan CG with the battery and electronics as far forwards as possible.

tiny traner motor pod.jpg

Will it fly? We'll see in a couple of days when i get a chance. Interested in any opinions in the meantime.


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Pointing left from front or left from cockpit view? this is where I get confused, my TT isn't flying too well
and I'm concerned I have the thrust angle wrong, viewed from the cockpit my motor points towards the right?


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Cockpit view. I have been given to understand that the nose mounted motor should angle to the right, but high mounted tractor prop motors should angle a little to the left from the "pilot's" point of view.

If you build the mini swappable power pod it has the correct angle built in.


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it'll fly.

I would maybe add upwards thrust, but you'll know if you need it on your maiden flight. Launch at half throttle with a strong throw, try not to touch trottle until you trim it out ang get some altittude. Then figure out what happens on acceleration, if it pitches down point your motor up a bit next time. If you're lucky the lift from the wing will counteract the pendulum effect from the motor position.

good luck


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It doesn't look like it in the picture, but the motor pod stick is perpendicular to the top of the fuselage, so effectively it has a little up angle. the CTH albatross has a similar fuselage shape but much deeper (longer?) wing chord.


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I just ordered my first kit ever which is the Tiny Trainer. So I find this post about your motor pod modification and I am intrigued by it. It looks like it has been almost a year since you started this thread but there is no news on how it did so I am curious. How did it go?