Looking for parts for High School UAV Club


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First off huge shout out to Julian Waters for all of his help and suggestions for starting a UAV club at my school. Currently we have around 15 members two of which(me and my friend/co-Founder) own RC Aircraft, one versa wing and a custom 250 quad. This, in combination with the simulator that we are running, unfortunately cannot support 15 new pilots.

That is where I am asking for your support. The school currently does not have the capacity to fund such as venture so we are looking to the community for some support. Most of the students are interested in 250 class quads. I have a 3d printer so most of our frames are covered and also the engineering department has given us access to soldering stations and their labs so we have that covered too. So that just leaves the parts. If you are interested in donating please send an email to jrees@bsd220.org or pm me(I will give out addressees to both me and the school if you pm or email, I just don't want them floating around out here). If we do get enough donations I will gladly do a 3d printing marathon for everyone who donated as an appreciation for your support.

Also their is a personal side to this, both of the teacher sponsors don't think that I will get any parts or donations. I hope that I can prove them wrong.

Thanks again guys and I hope we can make this a reality,
John Rees
Barrington High School UAV Club
Barrington, Illinois

Also if you would like to get in contact with any of the sponsors just pm or email me(jrees@bsd220.org) they did not want their emails in the post but will be happy to answer any questions in private.