Setting up a Hobbyking Bonsai Wing


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I'm about to buy a hobbyking bonsai wing and want to make it FPV, however I'm not sure how to hook up the FPV equipment. I will be using the Eachine 1000TVL camera and the Eachine tx526 transmitter however I don't know where to plug these into power. I have heard you need a step down converter because the camera only runs on 5v and if you don't do this your FPV feed will be degraded. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it helps, I have a 30a ESC with a BEC. I have also heard of a power filter, what does this do, do I need it and if so how do I use it?


Eachine Transmitter:

Step down converter:

P.S As these parts haven't been ordered yet, I am open to suggestions of different FPV gear.
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