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    Intermediate Plane Suggestions / Reviews on BNF/RTF new releases

    It would be nice to see some reviews back on the show, especially on some of the new product released by HH. Examples like the pulse15e, night visionaire and ultimate2 for example. Also helping to give some advice on finding a plane that is suited to bridging the gap between a trainer such as...
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    Which is the best FT intermediate design?

    Hi guys, I've been into the hobby for nearly a year now, primarily inspired by Flite Test! I had a history in aviation prior to getting into RC. My first plane was a TWM Handyman EP, which was given to me, and if you know the handyman, you will know how unsuitable a trainer it is. For those...
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    Best Intermediate Plane EVER!

    Hey Guys, So... Im a LONG time RC nut... Im new to these forums, but i've been watching flitetest for awhile now. I have recently got into planes and am loving them.. for along time I just flew Heli's, and have switched over to just planes. My wife got me the Hobby Zone Firebird Stratos...
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    Best 3d airplanes

    What are the best 3d airplanes to buy if you are just getting into 3d flying.