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Which is the best FT intermediate design?

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Hi guys,

I've been into the hobby for nearly a year now, primarily inspired by Flite Test! I had a history in aviation prior to getting into RC.

My first plane was a TWM Handyman EP, which was given to me, and if you know the handyman, you will know how unsuitable a trainer it is. For those who don't, it's a 1m-wingspan 3D, however it tracked like an arrow, was very docile on low rates, and was super easy to repair. It's life sadly ended in a road (and then in someone's car) after a receiver cut-out. I also have a HH UMX Carbon Cub SS, however I don't like the difficulty of repair and I find it too small.

I have attempted scratch building many, many times from the the start of my journey through the hobby, and have had some great success on my latest foam-board creation, a high wing motor-glider. After dozens of designs I count myself as an experienced and confident builder. I love working with foam, far easier and more durable than balsa, and all the designs out there are immensely helpful!

I have been longing for a while though for a FT Speed Build Kit, however I am not sure which I prefer.
I am mainly drawn towards the Cruiser, mainly due to the way it flies really attracts me, however I also really like the look of the Duster, Spitfire, Baby Blender, 3D and Simple Storch. I am relatively comfortable with 3D, but mainly am really open to trying other areas of flight! I just want something that tracks well, but with a big envelope, is hard to build, and and is really a joy to fly!

Please help!




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Welcome to the FT forums Finn! I consider myself an intermediate pilot and builder... maybe more novice/intermediate builder. I have built the FT-22, Versa (both configs) and FT Cruiser. I've also recently built a FunBat out of 1/2" foam laminated with packing tape. By far, the hardest build for me was the FT Cruiser, mostly because of the twin powerpods, and it being the first 4+ channel plane. It flies beautifully, but I don't think it has as big a envelope as the Storch. I just bought the SBK for that, and look forward to building that once I find time.

The Cruiser does like to Cruise, but it's a heavy build, and consequently, I find that it requires a little more space for takeoffs and landings. If you go with that build, I would also reinforce the points where the landing gear wires come into contact with the foamboard. With repeated landings (some hard), that foamboard in that area is looking pretty bad. I've used both old gift cards and popsicle sticks for that purpose.

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Another +1 for the spit. By far the best ft plane to build. From a nice slow flying park cruiser to modifing it with a carbon or aluminum spar and pushing 100mph. Its a great plane thatll take it all. Or you can check out (NERDNIC) profile he has design some very nice planes for other options
Another vote for the Spit. I built one and it is my favorite to fly. I was at an electric fly in at the local field last Saturday and after I flew the Spit the first time a number of pilots came to check it out and ask about it. They couldn't believe a warbird would fly so easy and solid. I let my spotter fly it a few minutes on a second flight and he called it "a Cadillac....it flies like butter"

I'm building my boss one soon and building another fuse for mine as it's been busted up a few times.


Winter is coming
The Lazer Toys package is good and has everything you need with the exception of a RX. If you're getting a speed build kit, you'll have all the control horns, rods, firewall, etc in that package.
The FT3d is a great intermediate plane if you dial down the throws. I think of all the ft designs it is one of the easiest to build, and flies great even on low rates. If your flying skills improve, you can always dial up the rates and have an air frame that capable of just about anything you want to do.