kk2 board

  1. S

    KK2 - Gain settings

    Hi- Built a quad anycopter and having a hard time with dialing in and making the quad stable. Looking for a couple different profiles, one for stable flight to shoot video and one for more fun flying. Would anyone mind sharing their PID and Stick Scaling numbers?
  2. Greg2B

    Bike Riding Robot using PID control

    So I just came across this video that has been on youtube for a while apparently so maybe it's been talked about here before. But I thought is was interesting how the control board for this robot uses PID control to make the robot balance on the bike(1:34) just like in KK Board and other MR...
  3. J

    KK2 diagonal wobble on x quad

    I've got an issue that I can't work out, hoping for some new insight. My quad is a symmetrical (no dead cat like setup) x configuration. The arms left front and right back react really snappy, but the other two overshoot like crazy. This is most noticeable on moving diagonally and yawing...
  4. mmeyer

    KK2 Self Level Problem

    I have a problem with the KK2 board and self levelling (I assume). When the quadcopter tilts one way instead of powering up the 2 lower motors to level it out it powers up the upper ones causing it to flip. This only happens with left and right (aileron). I've noticed that the aileron channel...
  5. kenbocbr

    Help needed to setup kk2 with skywalker quatro 4x20 esc and turnigy 9x

    Hi All, Im a complete novice, hope someone can help, I'm at my wits end.... I have a Turnigy 9x that I don't know how to setup, I cant get the KK2 and the skywalker 4x20 esc to setup either. I need an Idiot guide to help me set these up, I'm so frustrated Regards Kenny
  6. B


    Hi, I am making my first quadcopter and I am having trouble arming it. I am using a KK2 board and a 9XR radio. The KK manual says to put 0 throttle than hold the right rudder but that doesn't seem to work. Could you guys help me how to arm the quadcopter.