1. Mastrmindz

    First Night Flying - Used an Anycopter

    So, I have clocked in less than an hour of flight time on my tricopter, and I decided to do some night flying.....(such a newb). I added some LED's to it and I had an absolute blast. Assembling the LED's was difficult. The strips I got left very little space for soldering and the wires kept...
  2. Bigshow4u

    Night Flight of my TechOne Popwing/Tek Sumo

    LEDs are frenched in so they don't rip off during landings and to keep drag to a minimum (plus it looks WAY better than just slapping them on :cool:). Video isn't the best because the camera woman didn't realize that zooming in blurs it badly. Used my Droid X2 camera for it.
  3. SkySlayer

    Who has an idea to help?

    Hi guys i need your help, i am wanting to fly my plane at night and my idea was to attach a string of LED's at the back of my plane like a tail but the problem is my plane is a foamy and so i need to find some very light LED's, so can any of you guys help?
  4. G

    Night flying photos

    Hi Guys / Gals, My buddy and I have added some HK LED's to our PZ Trojan T-28's. We chose this plane as our night flyers, because it is a docile plane to fly, can carry a 3S 2200Mah battery with ease, and it has the tricycle landing gear which is probably going to be a a great deal easier to...
  5. Jee

    My new nightfly project - Hobby King Yak 55

    Hi guys, Flitetest is such an awesome show, I thought I would try to give back a little by sharing my newest project with you on the forum. A buddy of mine and me are doing this night fly project together: The plane kit arrived yesterday - it's a Hobby King Yak 55 which I build today. (Very...