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Who has an idea to help?


ARC=Almost Ready to Crash
Hi guys i need your help, i am wanting to fly my plane at night and my idea was to attach a string of LED's at the back of my plane like a tail but the problem is my plane is a foamy and so i need to find some very light LED's, so can any of you guys help?


How many letters do we ge
IMHO you really need the LEDs to primarily identify to you the orientation of the plane. First night flight I took I went to a lot of trouble to put glow string on the wing - as soon as I launched I realised how much I depend on seeing the fuse to figure out what the plane is doing.

Never-the-less, you can get glow strings which might make a cool trail behind a plane (already suitably LEDd).
Yup! It is just glow in the dark tape, except apparently extremely bright. The only thing I am worried about this tape that it might not be bright enough and since it is new, there are not any videos that I know of about this product.
oh. Ooops!
I have no idea. I really think it will be farther than 10 to 20 feet, or else it would not be very helpful and they probably would not sell it.


Full Circle
yeah, it is kind of heavy. Of course that is for .24m^2 of material. I think you would not have to use all of the film for one plane.