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  1. Montiey

    Long exposure photos of LED-lit planes

    Some folks at FF '18 had a small squadron of planes with led strips glowing nicely. Most of the exposures took around 3 minutes, and resulted in some nice wallpaper. Link
  2. Jetcrafter_2000


    Hi guys! Today i primary wanted to build on at my Dc3 but then i got a great idea! I had a transparent peace of a packaging and there was a scrape in it. But when i went to the rubbish bin i saw that the scrape in the packaging cached the light from my lamp and reflected it. This brought me to...
  3. R

    Flying on a LED racetrack FPV racing

    Couple of weeks back I flew on this amazing LED racetrack! This is the first time that I flew on a track like this. Im not really a race pilot but this was pretty fun!
  4. M

    Quadcopter LED strip only lights up 8 lights.

    Hey everyone, I'm using inav with this sp racing evo flight controller right now and was trying to install addressable led 's onto the arms. right now I can only get a small strip at a time to light up, and it seems like 8 is the mosy i was abke to get working at once. since they all have a Do...
  5. T

    night flying with the new water resistant foam board

    I am going to build a Krackin with the water resistant foam board they now sell. My question to anyone out there is if i mount my LED light strips in side the plane will it light up enough to fly it at night, like my Storch made out of the white foam board? for some strange reason there has...
  6. T

    Problem with Naze32 rev6 / WS2812 LEDS

    I'm building a new quad based on the White sheep frame. It's the first time I'm messing with LEDS and not everything goes according to plan :( LEDs are more/less working : they light up, but the colors are all messed up. IMHO, it's definitely a serial sync issue but I don't understand why. My...
  7. D

    WS2812 addressable LEDS

    I have used WS2812 addressable LEDs with a Naze32 and Clean Flight. My question is is there another way to program them? Or how to set up a FT Arrow with a Naze32 so that I can put the WS2812 LEDs inside the wing to light it internally. Having them strobe outward changing colors would be...
  8. T

    opto esc and FC power source, grounding

    Hi All I have Flip32+ FC (flight controller) connected to 4 OPTO ESC (DYS SN20A). I have one "3A UBEC Module Low Ripple Bluesky". Powering the FC was an easy task, I have just plugged the "UBEC 5v out" to one of the free motor pins. Now I need to connect 2 more elements: 1.12 WS2182b LEDS (12...
  9. M

    ESCs and FCs really like alcohol, water not so much

    I want to get into FPV racing so have been practicing fast and low in a field of wet grass. The other day my KK2 board failed on me. Display would light up but no text, board would also would not arm. I unplugged everything and looked for burn marks or other tell tail signs of missing smoke...
  10. S

    Big Ass Lights - How do you light up your bench?

    FT Forum Friends - Hey, I am not trying to sell anything but was wondering what everyone does for their bench areas. My wife and I built a new house a year ago, and we have yet to finish the basement. I have secured an area for my RC bench, etc. It had had no outlets (didn't finish, just...
  11. A

    LED power usage calculations- am I doing this correctly?

    Hi, I am running a electrohub quad with a 3s 2200 mah battery setup. I added strip LED's to the arms for perspective and to play at night. I think I figured the power usage of the LD's correctly but can someone back me up? The LED's are advertised at 4.8 watts/meter. I have .81 meter (81 cm)...
  12. OGBugsy

    Afterburner on Viggen Mod issue.

    I ran into a problem with the afterburner mod. The 70mm EDF setup runs off 4s lipos (3s as well but under powered), and the brushed esc's i can find for lipos, only go up to 3s. The LED's for the afterburner just flash with the 4s instead of gradually getting brighter with 3s. I tried powering...
  13. M

    Easy-to-program LED Pixel Strip

    If you'll allow me to show off a bit, I've put together a project that I think might be of interest to the community. What I've made is a fully-programmable LED light strip. A video is the best explanation, so here we go: Edit: replaced old horrible video with new awesome video. It's like...
  14. OGBugsy

    Just wanted to say thanks....

    ...to all you guys at Flite Test, for helping to renew my interest in flying rc and helping me to build two awesome new planes. I used to fly alot of rc helicopters but it was always very stressful flying $3k+ models around and a heart attack made me leave the hobby for several years. I just...
  15. jamieFL

    LED Strobe Lights (how to)

    I found these LED Strobe Light kits on ebay and have to put one on my V-Tail. Yes...I am an LEO. http://youtu.be/e6cqPv08yLw http://www.ebay.com/itm/RC-LED-Light-Kit-Strobe-Flash-Effects-Chaser-8-Leds-4-Red-4-White-/141174579858?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item20dea92292 They run...
  16. J

    Switching Plane LEDs on and off?? Possible?

    Hello all! I recently got into the RC hobby and love it. I have a SuperCub S. I bought an 8 LED Nav light setup which has been installed and plugged into the Cub's stock rudder port (the rudder controls are actually plugged into the aileron port on the receiver). I have a Spektrum DX6i...
  17. T

    DIY LEDs for the Heli-Max 1SQ

    Hey all - I've been lurking for a while, but I think this will serve as a good first post. I certainly won't be bringing anything groundbreaking to the forums, but I'm proud of my little achievement. I am just getting back into R/C hobbies. The last time I was involved, carrying around...
  18. Mastrmindz

    First Night Flying - Used an Anycopter

    So, I have clocked in less than an hour of flight time on my tricopter, and I decided to do some night flying.....(such a newb). I added some LED's to it and I had an absolute blast. Assembling the LED's was difficult. The strips I got left very little space for soldering and the wires kept...
  19. Bigshow4u

    Night Flight of my TechOne Popwing/Tek Sumo

    LEDs are frenched in so they don't rip off during landings and to keep drag to a minimum (plus it looks WAY better than just slapping them on :cool:). Video isn't the best because the camera woman didn't realize that zooming in blurs it badly. Used my Droid X2 camera for it.
  20. SkySlayer

    Who has an idea to help?

    Hi guys i need your help, i am wanting to fly my plane at night and my idea was to attach a string of LED's at the back of my plane like a tail but the problem is my plane is a foamy and so i need to find some very light LED's, so can any of you guys help?